Wabisabi rugs by Nanimarquina

Dezeen Showroom: home accessories brand Nanimarquina drew on the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi to inform the appearance of this collection of rugs, which celebrate visual imperfections.

The Wabisabi rug – designed by Nanimarquina founder Nani Marquina – shares the philosophy’s key view of accepting transience and irregularities.

Wabisabi rugs by NanimarquinaWabisabi rugs by Nanimarquina
The Wabisabi rugs are inspired by the Japanese philosophy of embracing imperfection

To create a rug that encapsulated this way of thinking, the designer instructed the company’s artisans to adjust the warp and weft as they worked, to create a wavy pattern with subtle irregularities.

Two contrasting colours were used together to further emphasise the differences within the weave.

Wabisabi rugs by NanimarquinaWabisabi rugs by Nanimarquina
Two contrasting colours highlight the changes in weaving

We assert that true beauty lies not in perfection but in embracing imperfection,” said Nanimarquina. “Making mistakes is a pathway to the learning process and adds value to the journey.”

Wabisabi rugs are handcrafted through the handloom dhurrie technique using 100 per cent New Zealand wool, and are available in a range of colour combinations.

Product details:

Product: Wabisabi
Brand: Nanimarquina
Contact: [email protected]

Material: New Zealand wool

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